A new Hope

Based on: The Neverending Story

“Flug auf dem Gluecksdrachen”

Ben van Gosh | A new Hope | ZYX Music

“Flug auf dem Gluecksdrachen”
Musik: Klaus Doldinger
© Constantin Music Verlag GmbH

A new Hope (Extended Mix)

A new Hope (Radio Mix)

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Back from fantasies with a little excursion to the year 1979 Ben van Gosh has visited the childlike queen in the ivory tower in the future of the year 2033 and out of the “nothing” was able to win the dragon Fuchur for a new and endless wonderful flight with goosebumps factor.

A trance anthem for the global stages but also a contribution and a memento for all of us not to lose the imagination, the wishes and the commonality.

Ben van Gosh – A new Hope – ZYX Music – OUT NOW