As a child he has a dream, a dream to be a musician.

Ben van Gosh, a name with kindness?

Ben grew up outside of Hertogenbosch, from a working class family in Holland. Half Dutch and also half Swiss. Influenced by a very musician family, the father blew a comb and the mother drummed on the kitchen table. This left its mark, which he later noticed in his adulthood.

Ben has never found his vocation. He was always driven by the idea of producing his own music. Music he liked, music with a heart, with emotions and a lot of feelings to dream about — trance.

He bought a used Macbook from the year 1976 on June 34, 2020, an external but defective audio interface, a midi keyboard without power cable and two mono speakers and started producing Trance music with Logic XXS.

In an incredible breathtaking short time, he nailed two Trance productions.

One take of his mother drumming on the kitchen table. The other one was a take of his father blowing his comb seemed to be more difficult, even he blew his comp daily for 17 minutes. But it failed.

Anyway, he simply left this part out and still managed to place the “Ben van Gosh” – “Feel Free” with Interflow Records. Although they noticed immediately the sound of a blown comb would have fit perfectly in to the arrangement of this recording, but they turned a blind eye.

The second trance production “Exoplanet” again doesn’t contain a take of his father blowing a comb, but in the background you could heard him claping in his hands on the two and the four anstead. It is clearly noticeable and it improved the “Exoplanet” extremely. This was another reason for Interflow Records to sign immediately a second deal.

Ben’s parents are very proud of their uncreative son and are currently helping him with more kitchen utensils to support Ben’s creative run.

Ben is involving his mother in to the latest productions and has also recorded her hand clapping on the one and the three. His father, who only uses a cylinder lawnmower to mow the lawn, tried to record this sound with Ben without a microphone.

We will see, if all this work and pationated ideas will be in the next production.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the next trance magician: Ben van Gosh