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04/23 – Kosmonova | In You | Ben van Gosh Remix | push2play music
05/23 – Ben van Gosh & TP One | Hold Me | ZYX Trance
06/23 – Kosmonova | Miss You | Ben van Gosh Remix | push2play music
07/23 – Ben van Gosh | Polar Bears | In Trance We Trust
08/23 – Ben van Gosh | Big Boy | Mondo Records
09/23 Ben van Gosh | Symbol | Planet Punk Records
10/23 Ben van Gosh pres. DECH | Groove Cycle | Blanco Y Negro
10/23 Ben van Gosh | Tribute | Grotesque
11/23 Ben van Gosh pres. DECH | Fireflies | Blanco Y Negro

Ben van Gosh “LIVE”

– Holiday Break –
01/24 – H.X.E & Alex Mazel feat. Fra.Gile | Beyond the sun | Ben van Gosh Remix | State Control
01/24 Ben van Gosh pres. DECH | Make Love | Mondo Records
02/24 Ben van Gosh | Acid Rocker | Infrasonic Rec.


Making of Flying Ants

Ben van Gosh | Flying Ants | WeAreTrance

Joyride Music | Edition Joyride Songs

Happy Release day: 10.11.2023

“Enter the extraordinary realm of Dutch trance virtuoso Ben van Gosh with ‘Flying Ants.’

This electrifying masterpiece is a euphoric symphony that channels the very essence of melodic trance. As you listen, be prepared to embark on an emotional rollercoaster, riding waves of pure energy and uplifting melodies. With every beat, Ben van Gosh’s distinctive style weaves a sonic tapestry that not only showcases his immense talent but also evokes a profound emotional connection.

Flying Ants‘ is more than just a song;

it’s an exhilarating journey that catapults you into a mesmerizing world, where ants take flight amid a backdrop of pulsating, motionally charged trance music.

Get ready to be transported and captivated by the musical genius of Ben van Gosh


Ben van Gosh pres. DECH

a new project for melodic Techno!

Happy Release day: 03.11.2023

Jump direct to Beatport, Spotify or Click on the Cover for all Service

With DECH, Dutch producer and DJ Ben van Gosh make the next step in his career and delivers proven melodic techno, deep trance, and techno songs at its best.

With his unmistakable sound, DECH will take the crowd by storm.

The Fireflies is the 2nd release of DECH on Blanco y Negro records and will be the driving light for all night crawlers on the dance floors of this world.

Close your eyes and see all the beautiful


Ben van Gosh pres. DECH

a new project for melodic Techno!

Release day: 06.10.2023

Ben van Gosh pres. DECH. The Dutch superstar and uplifting trance steampunk wizard presents his latest project DECH, which stands for melodic techno, deep trance, or any styles of techno music.

DECH combines the unique trance sounds of Ben van Gosh into a new melodic techno world.

With Groove Cycle, DECH has his first release on Blanco y Negro Music, the Spanish Leading Dance Label.

Groove Cycle is a rhythm and melodic techno song, which has this typical groove of its style.

Let your body ride the Groove Cycle!


Ben van Gosh | Tribute | Grotesque

Release day: 13.10.2023

Get ready for a musical journey like no other.

Ben van Gosh presents ‘Tribute,’ a stunning track that resonates with pure emotion.

This smooth uplifter is designed to be the perfect closing anthem for your set or to reflect on an unforgettable party weekend.

Let ‘Tribute‘ sweep you away, reminding you of the power of shared moments.


Ben van Gosh | Symbol | Future Sequenz

Release day: 22.09.2023

Uprising Trance producer, remixer & DJ Ben van Gosh returns to Future Sequence with his next release “Symbol“. The tune delivers intense vocals and energetic, uplifting Trance chords at its best! 

This is the sound of Future Sequence!

Symbol has one of the best Vocals of a Trance Song you have ever heared. Also a really catchy Melody ist included. SAVE THIS ONE! This is HOT!



Ben van Gosh | Big Boy | Mondo Records

Release day: 25.08.2023

Coming to you like a ‘Steampunk Wizard,’ Ben Van Gosh offers up yet another impressive single.

Big Boy‘ is a powerful, energetic trance up-lifter with a female vocal that harks back to a bigger pop song.

Big Boy comes along inkl. Dub Mixes, great for any peak time set.


Ben van Gosh | Polar Bears | In Trance We Trust

Release day: 21.07.2023

Get ready to embark on an epic journey with the latest trance masterpiece from the upcoming Dutch DJ and producer, Ben van Gosh! We’re thrilled to announce the release of his latest track, Polar Bears, exclusively on our premium label, In Trance We Trust.

With its driving beats, soaring melodies, and ethereal vocals, Polar Bears will transport you to another world, where the energy and passion of trance music reign supreme. Ben van Gosh has once again proven why he’s one of the most upcoming talent and innovative producers in the genre, with a track that is sure to take dancefloors by storm.

From the pounding basslines to the euphoric breakdowns, every element of Polar Bears has been crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. Whether you’re a die-hard trance fan or a newcomer to the scene, this track is guaranteed to get your heart racing and your feet moving.

So don’t wait any longer – head over to our label’s website now to grab your copy of Polar Bears and experience the magic of Ben van Gosh’s latest creation.

We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Ben van Gosh pres. DECH

a new project under the name

Melodic Techno without borders!

Playful, exciting, interesting, powerful and varied.

Let yourself fall and dive into a new dimension.
Come along, enjoy the sound and go on a new exciting journey of playful sounds.

Discover the sound, the effects, the variety, whether at home, at the festival, or the club.

DECH is the new TECHNO.

“Stay tuned for the soon upcoming releases”


Kosmonova | Miss You | Ben van Gosh Remix | Push 2 Play

The soon to be released “Miss You” with the male vocal is a real thick dancefloorfiller.

A great melody accompanied by a strong vocal in the typical Ben van Gosh arrangement.

A driving buildup transports you with force into the drop and will make you really fun on the dance floor.

Looking forward for this mighty Remix of the well known original from Kosmonova.

Release day: 09.06.2023


Dear trance fans!

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I‘m back at ZYX Trance / ZYX Music, these time with the amazing producer and DJ TP One from Switzerland!

It was a pleasure made a collaboration with this gentlemen guy, such a great person!

The coming out is an beautiful emotional trance uplifter with a female vocal to dream!

Below you can do your order on your preferred platform!

Release day: 12.05.2023


Kosmonova | In You | push2play music

Ben van Gosh Remix

I’ve been waiting for this release for what feels like an eternity. This song, this vocal, this melody, this beautiful song will touch you like no song before. Simply an incredibly beautiful song. Look forward to this release.

Kosmonova | In You | Ben van Gosh Remix | OUT 21 April 2023


This outstanding uplifter has it all…..Superb percussion, thumping bassline, sublime pads, arppegiated melodies and catchy riffs combined with an euphoric hands in the air breakdown.

Get this in your sets and shows.


Magnettor delivers new prime Trance piece of art. A sensational collab with famed vocalist Roberta Harrison, ‘Perfect Storm‘ offers up heartfelt vocals, soaring melodies and a powerful message for fans to dive into to their heart’s content.

Also in this release we have full-force remix from rising star Ben van Gosh. Carried by the deep vocals and an euphoria-stricken melody that instantly elevates into a marvelous journey all who hear!


Ben van Gosh | Talk about this | Blanco Y Negro Music | Coming up on February 2023

Talk about this” – Dreamy with beautiful vocals, exciting effects, and a fat reese bassline. Ben van Gosh ignites his next rocket.

You will be surprised how versatile the sound of Ben van Gosh is.

A gift to all electronic music lovers and one that everyone will be talking about. “Talk about This


The Essence of Trance

Next up on Reworked, relative newcomer Ben van Gosh delights us with a massive psy, tech and uplifting remix of ‘The Essence’ by Yoshi&Razner?

Some darker elements and soundscapes lead us from the breakdown to a proper hands in the air moment before dropping with full power!!! BIG ?

How much do you like this track?

Ben van Gosh

“Kitchen Trance Club”

All Episodes on SoundCloud


A brand new trance session mixed by Ben van Gosh. My passion is not only producing unique trance music and mixing it for you.

I also like it to preparing some special food in my own kitchen and this was the reason to gave my session a special name. Kitchen Trance Club will deliver you best in Trance music, selected by Ben van Gosh

Tribute to BEAM

I would like to say thank you to a partner but also friend who left us way too early. Michael Urgacz aka Beam wished us to be always smiling and cheerful, even if he can’t be present in person anymore. You can listen to my collaboration with and for Michael in the following.

We will never forget you Michael, because you are immortal for us through your music.

Thank you for everything!

We will definitely meet again sometime, RIP my friend!