Remixes 2021

Ben van Gosh does not take everything so seriously, but he should be taken seriously, because Ben knows them all, the greats of the scene.

Arthur van Buuren, Andre Royal, Pepetto Ottaviani, ROM, Alan & Filou, Eastbam, Solarrock and all the others.

Ben played together with most of the famous deejays and producers.While Ben played dominoes on a YBox, the others played at a festival.

Ben used to play trumpet in a quartet, together with his brother, as an only child.

What does the media say about Ben van Gosh?

Ben van who´ osh?
Ben van Gosh, the second best friend you can have.
Ben van Gosh, he only annoys those he likes.
Ben van Gosh, nobody finds the two of them as funny as the three find themselves.
Ben van Gosh, his four most important things in life are these three, eating and drinking.

De Telegraaaam (NL)

Ben will add more details to his discography when there are useable news.

For now, everything is limited to his new releases that you can find under Discography and the pile of remixes that you can find in the categories of the menu.

Don’t take everything so seriously, celebrate well, stay healthy and support each other and help each other.

Ben tries to take you out of your everyday life with his music and try to give you a smile. Be nice to each other. We are all equal, but Ben is the most equal.

Love, peace and unity.


(Translated while sleeping)